Exploring Maui on Foot: Recommended Walking Routes on Maui

Now that we’ve covered the basics of walkability in Maui, let’s explore some of the best places to walk on the island. From scenic nature trails to historic town centers, Maui offers a variety of walking routes that allow visitors to explore the island’s natural beauty and unique culture. I can guide you through some of the most popular walking routes on the island and provide maps and tips for getting the most out of each one.

Lahaina Historic Trail

Lahaina Historic Trail Map
Lahaina Historic Trail Map

This trail is a great option for visitors who want to learn more about Maui’s history and culture. This 1.5-mile trail takes visitors on a walking tour of Lahaina’s historic landmarks, including the Baldwin Home Museum, Lahaina Courthouse, and the famous Banyan Tree. Along the way, you’ll see several historic landmarks, including the Pioneer Inn, and the Wo Hing Temple Museum. To get the most out of this trail, consider taking a guided tour, which can provide additional insights and context about each location.

Kihei Coastal Trail

Take a long walk on the beach in Kihei

This 2.6-mile path along the coast of Kihei offers stunning ocean views and access to several beaches, parks, and shopping areas.

Ho’okipa Beach Park Walk

This is a short 1.1km out-and-back Ho’okipa Beach Walk that will take you to see some sea turtles along the North Shore of Maui near Paia.

Haleakala National Park

Haleakala Trail Map

This park offers several walking trails that allow visitors to explore the stunning natural beauty of Maui’s interior. The most popular trail is the Halemau’u Trail, which takes visitors through a surreal landscape of volcanic craters and lava rock formations. To get the most out of this trail, plan your visit for early in the morning or late in the afternoon, when the light is best for photography and the weather is cooler.

Iao Valley State Park


This park is accessible and offers several short walking trails that allow visitors to explore the lush rainforest and stunning waterfalls of Maui’s interior. The most popular trail is the Iao Needle Lookout Trail, which allows visitors to view the iconic rock formation known as the Iao Needle. To get the most out of this trail, consider bringing a picnic lunch and enjoying it at the scenic overlook. Easy stroll.

Wailea Beach Path

Wailea Beach Path near the north trailhead
Wailea Beach Path near the north trailhead

This 1.5-mile path (3 miles out and back) takes visitors along the beaches and resorts of Wailea, with access to several restaurants and shopping areas along the way. To get the most out of this path, consider timing your walk to coincide with sunset, when the colors over the ocean are particularly stunning.

Kapalua Coastal Trail

Kapalua Coastal Trail Map
Kapalua Coastal Trail Map

On the northwest coast of Maui, this 1.76-mile trail takes visitors through stunning coastal scenery, including lava rock formations, pristine beaches, and breathtaking ocean views. To get the most out of this trail, consider bringing a pair of binoculars to spot wildlife such as whales and seabirds.

Visitors can also find maps of walking trails in Maui at visitor centers or online, which can help them plan their route and ensure they don’t miss any of the island’s beautiful sights.

Maui’s off-the-beaten-path walking destinations:

There are several destinations on Maui that are especially well-suited for walking. In this section, I will highlight some of the best spots to explore on foot, including popular tourist attractions, hidden gems, and off-the-beaten-path locations on the island that not many tourists know about. Here are some suggestions:

Launiupoko Beach Park

This beach park is located on Maui’s west coast, just a few miles south of Lahaina. It’s a great spot for a walk on the beach, spending the day at the beach with kids, or for beginners to learn how to surf.

Kula Botanical Garden

This botanical garden is located on Maui’s upcountry, and features a stunning collection of tropical plants and flowers. Visitors can explore several walking trails that take them through the garden’s scenic landscape, including a bamboo forest and a bird sanctuary.

Nakalele Blowhole

This natural wonder known as the Nakalele Blowhole is located on Maui’s north shore, and is a cool but dangerous spot that not many tourists know about (or choose to visit). Visitors can take a short walk to the blowhole (don’t get too close) and watch as waves crash into the rocks, sending a plume of water into the air.

Keanae Botanical Garden

Keanae Arboretum map

The Keanae Arboretum is in the town of Keanae, which is on the eastern coast of the island. The arboretum is part of the state park system and is open to the public for free. It features a variety of native and introduced plant species, including fruit trees, bamboo, and palms. The arboretum has several walking trails, ranging from easy to moderate, which allow visitors to explore the different sections of the garden. Along the way, visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery and learn about the plants and their significance to Hawaiian culture. The arboretum is also home to several streams and waterfalls, adding to the peaceful and serene atmosphere. Overall, the Keanae Arboretum is a lovely place to go for a walk and immerse oneself in nature while learning about Maui’s plant life.

Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge

The Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge is near Kahului and Maalaea, and offers walking trails around protected wetlands. The refuge is home to a diverse range of bird species, including the endangered Hawaiian stilt and coot. The walking trails are easy to moderate, and visitors can enjoy scenic views of the ocean, wetlands, and mountains. The refuge also has a visitor center with exhibits and educational programs about the wildlife and ecology of the area.

By exploring these hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path locations on Maui, visitors can discover a side of the island that is often overlooked by tourists, and experience the island’s natural beauty firsthand. Get outside and explore! Want some more adventures?

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