Kihei’s Treasure: Is Lipoa Street Beach Worth a Visit?

Kihei is the place on Maui to find the best beaches with beautiful sunsets and views of neighbor islands, boats and palm trees. Kihei beaches are what most people think of when they think “Hawaiian island paradise.”

Lipoa Street Beach is a less crowded beach located located off — you guessed it — Lipoa Street in Kihei. Visitors generally appreciate the seclusion and peacefulness of Lipoa Street Beach, even though it can have its share of — let’s call them nomads.

  • Some visitors also enjoy the beach for sunsets, paddle boarding, and just taking in the view.
  • There isn’t a parking lot,
  • No bbq and no picnic tables;
  • It is a beautiful sandy spot at the end of the street.

Swimming at Lipoa?

This beach is next to a drain pipe, which means I would think twice about snorkeling here. Unless you want to swim with the sharks.

A drainpipe view to the left at Lipoa Street Beach.
A drainpipe view to the left at Lipoa Street Beach.

Getting to Lipoa Street Beach

Lipoa street dead-ends at the main entrance, and even though there is no official parking lot on that last block of Lipoa, you can park there and walk around the gate to enter this beach.  

If you go at around sunset time, you will notice a crowd forming to take in the last light of the day and give thanks for another day as the sun goes down.  Usually, someone will blow a conch shell for added effect.

Not a bad beach for being at the end of a street.

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