Parasailing in Maui: for the Adventurous Vacationer

Have you ever wanted to soar through the sky like a bird? If so, parasailing in Maui is the perfect way to make that dream come true, without the risk that goes with other high-altitude adventure sports.

Parasailing offers a unique and exciting way to take in the beauty of Maui from a bird’s eye view. You can see the Islands from above the crystal-clear (or wavy) turquoise waters as you glide through the air, feeling the wind and sun on your face. It’s truly an unforgettable eight to ten minutes. Perfect for newlyweds as a way to set the standard for a good time.

Photo from West Maui Parasail

Parasailing is safer and easier than you think

But parasailing isn’t just a great way to take in the sights. It’s also a fun and safe adventure activity that requires little from you. You get to sit floating in the air suspended by a huge sail, and be pulled around by lines attached to a boat. The equipment used is inspected and maintained to the highest safety standards, and your certified captain and crew will make sure you have all the necessary safety gear and instructions.

What to expect when you go parasailing

When you’re ready to take off, you’ll be securely strapped into a harness and connected to the parasail. The boat will then take off and tow the parasail, lifting you off the ground and into the air.

You’ll be able to control your altitude and direction, giving you complete control of your flight. But the best part of parasailing in Maui is the feeling of freedom you get when you’re flying through the air. You can take in the breathtaking views of the island, the ocean, and the nearby islands. It’s truly an experience like no other. So if you’re looking for a thrilling and unique adventure in Maui, make sure to give parasailing a try. You won’t regret it!

How to book a parasailing experience

The best time to go parasailing is in the morning’s calm winds, before the afternoon winds pick up strength.

Highly rated parasailing operators include Maui Parasail, and UFO Parasail, and operate on West Maui out of Kaanapali and Lahaina locations.

Of the two locations, Lahaina is a little less windy than Kaanapali, so you are most likely to avoid a cancellation due to windy weather if you book at the Lahaina location in a morning slot, From May to December (no parasailing during the humpback migration).

Both companies have excellent reviews from previous guests.

How much does it cost to parasail in Maui?

The cost of parasailing in Maui will vary depending on the package you choose and the length of your flight. However, most companies offer packages that range from $50 to $150 per person, plus a fee for any observers in your group watching from the boat.

UFO Parasail Maui Prices as of 2023:

  • 1200 Ft Out-of-this-World Per Person $136
  • Observer Per Person $79
  • [source]
  • UFO Parasail offers discounts for certain groups with proof of credentials

West Maui Parasail Prices as of 2023:

  • Single 1200 ft. ($133.48 + taxes/fees)
  • Tandem (one tandem equals TWO People) 1200 ft. ($266.96 + taxes/fees)
  • Triple (one triple equals THREE People) 1200 ft. ($400.44 + taxes/fees)
  • Observer (Space Available – one per boat $72.83 + taxes/fees)
  • [source]
West Maui Parasail offers discounts, check their discount page for the codes

Is parasailing recommended for children?

Parasailing is a fun and safe activity for kids to enjoy too, as long as they meet the age and weight requirements.

Minimum age requirements to parasail in Maui

For West Maui Parasail: “Minimum age requirement is 6 years old. Children between 6 and 12 must fly with an adult parent or guardian of 18 years or older.”

For UFO Parasail: “Participants must be at least 5 years old. Parasailors must weigh at least 160 pounds (73 kilograms) to fly alone. Tandem and triple flights are available with a maximum weight limit of 450 pounds (204 kilograms).”

It is always a good idea to have an adult accompany any children parasailing, even if they are older, to take photos and share some quality bonding time suspended mid-air where no one can escape from awkward conversations.

How long is a typical parasailing experience, and will I get wet?

A typical parasailing experience usually lasts anywhere from 8 to 15 minutes, despite the number of people on the boat. During on your flight, you will likely not get wet unless you request a quick ocean touch, as the parasail experience is designed to keep you dry and above the clouds (or close enough to them to make you feel like you’re in the clouds). However, you may get splashed by the waves near the boat, so it is a good idea to bring a towel just in case.

How does the parasail land?

Most parasails will land on the beach or in the water on the boat landing spot, depending on the wind and weather conditions. The captain and crew will ensure a safe and smooth landing, and will provide any necessary instructions.

Shows the takeoff and landing when parasailing in Maui.

Once you get hooked on the views, try paragliding next or go find another adventure to experience while you’re on Maui.

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