How Much Does a Trip to Maui Cost?

How much money will you need in Maui? If you stay in a luxury area like Wailea, you probably aren’t as cost-sensitive as someone looking to Airbnb their way across the Island in the off-season, so costs for a Maui vacation vary.

  • Overall, $300 is the average daily price for traveling in Maui, assuming you are sharing a room with someone else and can split that cost. This includes the average price of meals in Maui for one person for one day (around $75-$100), and the average price of a hotel in Maui (at $150-$250).

This amount will cover the cost of accommodations, food, and some activities, but it does not include airfare or transportation to and from the airport. You can certainly spend more or less than this amount depending on your preferences and budget.

Maui on a budget: the sights are priceless.

Key Maui Cost Takeaways

The average price of a 7-day trip to Maui, according to aggregate data, is:

  • $2,515 for a solo traveler,
  • $4,517 for a couple, and
  • $8,468 for a family of 4.

Average cost of Maui accommodations:

  • hotels: $102 to $467 per night with an average of $181,
  • vacation rentals will cost $240 to $440 per night for the entire home.

Average cost of flights to Maui:

  • Average worldwide flight costs to Kahului Airport (OGG) are between:
    • $930 and $1,500 per person for economy flights and
    • $2,915 to $4,707 for first class.

Other budget considerations for a trip to Maui:

  • Depending on activities, expect to spend between $69 to $161 per person per day for transportation and experiencing local restaurants.

[Above data is according to ChampionTraveler.com]

The Cheapest Times to Visit Maui, Hawaii

There are many factors that can affect the cost of a trip to Maui, including the time of year, day of the week you fly in and out, how you choose to travel, where you stay, and what activities you do. It’s difficult to provide an accurate estimate without knowing more about your specific plans.

On average, these will be the cheapest dates to fly to OGG and stay in a Maui hotel:

  • January 8th to March 4th
  • April 16th to April 29th
  • August 20th to December 9th (except the week of November 19th)

The absolute cheapest time to take a vacation in Maui is usually early September. But is September the best month in which to visit Maui?

Cheapest Times to Buy a Flight to Maui

September looks like a better time to travel to Maui, going by price of a flight.

Considering flight price data globally, prices range from a high of $1,500 average in late December to a low of $929 in early September.


The best deals on flights are Tuesdays! On average, flights from Maui are always a little more expensive than flights to the island.

Example Cost of Trip to Maui for Budget Travelers

BUDGET TRAVELSolo TravelerCoupleFamily of 4
Food, Travel, Activities$40 to $80 per day$80 to $175 per day$150-$350 per day for family of 4
Flights$520 to $1250 for economy$1000 to $2500 for economy$2000 to $5000 for economy
Lodging$85 to $180$85 to $180$170 to $225 per night for 1-star hotel
$250 to $300 per night for a 2-bedroom vacation rental
Total Cost$1250 to $3000
($180 to $500 per day)
$2100 to $4800
($300 to $680 per day)
$4000 to $9000
($600 to $1300 per day)

A savings tip: Stay in a condo or private accommodation instead of a hotel.

Aside from the fact that condo rental is cheaper (generalizing), there is a second significant savings for staying in a condo – you are saving time packing up and moving each day, and skipping the expensive hotel breakfasts every day. You can self-cater many meals and you will have a decent-sized fridge in which to store leftovers.

If you stayed in a condo you could easily get back $100 per day per couple, compared to staying in a hotel, simply based on room cost difference and breakfasts and lunches you prepared yourself rather than paid for at a hotel. And the savings and convenience could be substantially more than that depending upon where you were planning to stay.

What to Do in Maui On a Budget

  1. Choose accommodations that are close to things you like to do, to save time and on transportation costs. For example, by staying at a resort on the beach, you can maximize beach time every day.
  2. Eat and drink at budget-friendly food places.
  3. Visit Haleakala National Park for hiking and watching epic sunrises and sunsets.
  4. Take a free historic walking tour in Lahaina, or explore by yourself.
  5. Find a hike near you and go for a walk!

Here are a few more suggestions for things to do on Maui on a budget:

  1. Visit the beach: Maui has many beautiful beaches that are perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and relaxing. Some of the most popular beaches include Ka’anapali Beach, Wailea Beach, and Makena Beach. Many of these beaches have public access and do not charge an admission fee.
  2. Take a hike: There are many scenic hiking trails on Maui that offer stunning views of the island’s natural beauty. Some of the best budget-friendly hikes include the Waihe’e Coastal Dunes and Wetlands Preserve, the ‘Iao Valley State Monument, and the Wai’anapanapa State Park.
  3. Go snorkeling: Snorkeling is a great way to see the colorful marine life that lives off the coast of Maui. You can rent snorkel gear from a local beach shop or tour operator, or you can bring your own.
  4. Explore the island by car: Renting a car is a great way to see the island on a budget. You can drive to different parts of the island and stop at landmarks and attractions along the way. Your biggest decision will be what should you do in one day – the Haleakala sunrise AND Road to Hana or to devote two days to appreciate all the sights.
  5. Visit a local farmers market: Maui has several farmers markets where you can find fresh produce, handmade crafts, and other local products. Visiting a farmers market is a fun and budget-friendly way to experience the local culture and try new foods.

Daily vacation expenses vary more based on what you’re interested in doing; for example, on Maui a fine dining restaurant with drinks can easily cost $580 per person or more, while a standard nice meal might be under $40 per person. Here are some ideas for eating for less on Maui.

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